Introducing #FeemMarketing101. Lets Help You Market Your Movie Better.


2016, a landmark year for Nollywood has finally proven to the Nigerian audience that the quality of film making is improving. Buttressed by the Federal government’s open support during last year’s AFRIFF, we can only expect a steady improvement in the quality of films made.  This year’s AMVCA’s also lent more credence as we observed a streak of well-made movies trump the commercial crowd pleasers.

Prince Tonye Princewill, Daniel K Daniel, Ramsey Nuoah, Adonijah Owiriwah, Izu Ojukwu
Prince Tonye Princewill, Daniel K Daniel, Ramsey Nuoah, Adonijah Owiriwah, and Izu Ojukwu at the AMVCA 2017 after their big win. Image Credit: @tonyeprincewill

This is an effect of not juts growth, but development within the industry. As a result, the demand for a higher quality of storytelling is bound to increase as audiences become more and more comfortable with going to the cinemas to see Nollywood movies. The journey is still far from the finish line, as many of our acclaimed movies still face many heavy challenges in comparison to productions from the more developed film markets in the world. Nollywood is growing but still has a long way to go.

Special Jury Award for Most Outstanding film AFRIFF 2016
Akin Omotosho and his team of “Vaya” after their big win at AFRIFF 2016

A film’s success and quality while relying primarily on the story sold, visuals and technicalities also requires a marketing strategy that ensures the movie gets to its intended audience. So far, Nollywood’s efforts in marketing its films has been historically low. It is a known fact that Nigerians love comedies, thus you already have a large market that could easily troop in to see your film. But even some of the best Comedies arrive in Cinemas with the poorest of marketing and the movie simply moves in and out of the Cinema like a ghost. Despite our love for Comedies, every filmmaker can have relevant success, regardless of the genre in which the movie is set. In a City of over 25 million people, even less popular genres like thrillers and musicals can still have success depending on the marketing strategy utilized.

Our good friends at Amplify Digital Agency did an article on the Marketing lessons from Wedding Party which is worth reading for some tips which were applied in promoting your movie.

Nigerians have watched Mo Abudu and A.Y strike lighting in the same spot twice. In fact, Mo Abudu’s 50 and Wedding Party both opened on the same day as the last two movies in the Star Wars franchise, one of the world’s highest grossing franchises. Yet they did better at the Nigerian box office. This goes to say, anything is possible if we only set out to achieve it.


At Sodas ‘N’ Popcorn we are taking on the responsibility of playing our part in sensitizing the industry about the power of marketing. With this in mind, we hosted our first Social Media Week Panel on the Future of Marketing and Distribution. This was a success both in quality of conversations, turn out, questions raised and takeaways. But it doesn’t stop there.

While we have bigger plans in mind, we will be kicking off with “#FeemMarketing101”.

The panel at Sodas and Popcorn's Social Media Week Presentation

Every week, we will be writing a piece about movie marketing and offering tips to the film industry on how to be a more profitable industry. This series of articles will be tagged “#FeemMarketing101”. Covering, Analysis, Breakdown, Case studies and think pieces on Movie Marketing in Nollywood and Beyond. From time to time, we will also feature respected figures in Nollywood, to share their thoughts and experiences to further help filmmakers in marketing.

#feemmarketing101 Movie Marketing

Welcome, we would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and suggestions.

Side Note: We aren’t implying some filmmakers in the industry aren’t doing a good job of marketing their movies, we are finding ways to improve upon the standard by offering our knowledge.

Kicking off next week with our first article discussing “How Soon Is It Too Soon To Begin Marketing? A Case Study of Isoken and The Wedding Party”

Written by Muyiwa Awojide and Fareeda Abdulkareem.


  1. Ok, right now, zubby is ma favourite blogger on dis space *sorry kiki* cos we’re both liverpool fans..
    And YES!!! Winter is coming! *thumbs up guys*

  2. Ok, right now, zubby is ma favourite blogger on dis space *sorry kiki* cos we’re both liverpool fans..
    And YES!!! Winter is coming! *thumbs up guys*