If Tomorrow Never Comes: Watch The Trailer For What Yvonne Nelson Claims Is The Movie Of The Year

If Tomorrow Never Comes nollywood poster
Photo Source: Instagram

Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, recently claimed that her soon to be released movie, If Tomorrow Never Comes, is(going to be) the movie of the year. Although there are a lot of things wrong with that statement, we are willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, especially after seeing the movie’s trailer.

Whether she means in Ghana or In Nigeria, claiming the throne of Movie of the year might be just a little too early. In truth, from what I saw in the trailer, the film does look like it might be a contender for the throne, but with movies like Thy Will Be Done and Stephanie Linus’ highly anticipated Dry, that claim might be just too early.

The film’s official synopsis offers very little insight into what viewers should expect. It looks more like a poem that is meant to show off the poetry skills of the writer, rather than give fans an hint of what to expect. Read it below.

“Every story has a soul…a place where facts meet fiction…a place where realities give way to uncertainties…and perhaps… a place where are taken on a journey…A journey on the wheels of pain…deceit and sheer agony..

Too far….Sometimes too close…Through tide and time…Tears and smiles.. Ewurabena a young girl from a little village in the backside of nowhere is forced to journey to her destiny!!”

The trailer on the other hand, makes you want to watch the movie. I saw some really great shots and good acting, but it’s just a trailer, a lot could still go wrong.

The film was directed by Pascal Amanfo, and stars Yvonne Nelson, Deyemi Okalawon, Becca, Ghanaian boxer, Ayittey Powers, Bismark Nii Odoi among others.

Produced by Yvonne Nelson, If Tomorrow Never Comes will premiere on June 5, 2015.

Watch the trailer below.

Source: Pulse