How To Get A Husband: Kenyan Dramedy Series Tells Us Exactly How

How to get a husband poster
The show’s female lead and supporting cast


How do you get a husband? Well by watching “How To Get A Husband” on Maisha Magic.

When it comes to film in Africa, Nigeria, Ghana and (then) South Africa are the major players. Not a lot of attention is paid to other film industries within the African continent.

Apparently, it has been to our own detriment. I came across this Kenyan TV show titled, How to Get A Husband, and I have to say, it is really good.

Great acting, superb directing, a creative title, and one episode has convinced me of its rich and engaging content-that’s how good it is. It’s currently available on the Maisha Magic Channel on DSTV, but I think Nigerian audience will really enjoy it if they lend some attention to it when it airs.

How to Get A Husband is produced by Erica Anyadike, who also doubles as showrunner and a director of the series. It stars popular Kenyan actresses Lizz Njagah Konstantaras, Sarah Hassan, and Mumbi Maina.

The show follows the lives of 3 women and their dating adventures – and misadventures – in the “romantic jungle” that is Nairobi.

According to Erica Anyadike, “How To Find A Husband is about that crossroads in a woman’s life where she is under immense pressure from society to settle down, and she must choose between ‘settling’ or staying true to herself. There’s definitely a movement of African women redefining themselves and showing onscreen how complex, different and beautiful we all are.”

The show currently runs on Maisha Magic, DSTV Channel 161 on Tuesdays at 10pm.

Embedded below are the show’s trailer and a recap of the its first episode, and a full episode. Watch it, and I’m sure you’ll want more.

If you have enough data, you can watch a full episode of the show below.


Source: Shadow and Act