Hollywood Reporter Acclaimed Filmmaker, C.J Obasi, Set To Dazzle With New Film, O-Town


O-Town PosterIt’s a really big deal as a filmmaker, if The Hollywood Reporter (THR) says good things about your film. It’s even bigger when you’re Nigerian.

This was the case with C.J Obasi’s film, Ojuju. What made it even more interesting was the fact that it was based on a theme that is rarely explored in this part of the world; Zombies.

Despite this, the fact that THR had only good things to say about the movie, made many of us proud. You can read the review here.

Well, C.J Obasi is back, and this time, it’s a Gansta tale, titled, O-Town.

“O-Town is the story of a small town as told from a mysterious filmmaker’s point of view. O-town is the town of his birth, and Peace, a two-bit hustler is at the center of all that has gone wrong with the town. The mysterious filmmaker has a near omnipresent overview of the pimps, the scammers, and the drug dealers as they ravage the moral backbone of a town wholly subjugated by a sadistic and suavely mannered gangster, simply known as The Chairman…but not for much longer.”

The film stars, Paul Utomi, Kalu Ikeagwu, Chucks Chyke, Brutus Richard, Delvin Ifeanyi, Ifu Ennada, and Lucy Ameh.

“O-Town”is set to drop later in the year.

The trailer below offers very little, but you can check out the trailer for his previous work, Ojuju, below the O-Town trailer.

Watch the teaser trailer below.