Here’s Our First Look At Richard Mofe-Damijo, Zack Orji and Victor Olaotan In Three Wise Men


Three wise men Have you ever wondered what the Nigerian version of Jon Turteltaub’s 2013 film, Last Vegas, would look like? Well, wonder no more, as Opa Williams has brought together Richard Mofe Damijo, Zack Orji and Victor Olaotan to give us exactly that.

Titled Three Wise Men, the film will follow the follies of these three aged men. It satirizes the actions and intents of three elderly men in their mid/late 60’s who struggle to re-live their lost youth.

The three men are retired and have all settled in a suburb to enjoy their retirement benefits. How they decide to spend this retirement money remains highly humorous and dramatic. The pack is led by Irikefe (Richard Mofe Damijo) 64, a divorcee with three failed marriages after five children and refuses to re-marry. Irikefe decides to live alone as his covetous children are now grown and also live on their own but patiently waiting for him to die so they can swoop on whatever is left of him.  Irikefe is aware of his children’s intentions and wants to make sure he exhausts every savings of his, before death. Upon his retirement he refurbishes his flat, buys a laptop, a nice spot car supposedly meant for a young-man, and goes for shopping, for jean, T-shirt, Papa’s Cap, sneakers and everything a young-man could dream of. The three men become an item, as Irikefe introduces them to his world of fun, from tracking girls on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, joy riding and picking the finest of young girls home for a nice time, to clubbing. Irikefe is the yippee-happy-go-old guy man, who sags and wears tattoos.

Directed by Patience Oghre Imobhio, the series also stars Tina Mba, and Ebele Okaro.

There’s very little else known about the project at this point, but as soon as more details are revealed, we’ll be sure to bring them to you.

In the meantime, you can check out behind-the-scenes photos below.

Three Wise Men


twm 4


twm 2


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Image source: Bellanaija


  1. I’m with Terdoh on this one. Ted was just bleh 4 me. Just there.. Not that funny n somewat tacky *rolls eyes* And why? Why did they have to do that to a teddy bear? Whyyyyy???!!

  2. Lol i so enjoyed this movie tho…ok so the parts i loved…amongst many other parts tho were-the part where the fat kid asked if he was to wash his hands before counting down for ted to hide…that was d dumbest question in the whole movie…the fight between ted and mark wahlberg and d part ted was in a sack when kidnapped and he heard the fat kid runninin n he was like he could hear the fat kid running and he imagined it was f*/-%&g hilarious lol…i just loved d movie

    • I personally enjoyed this one, it had a lot of funny scenes from the part where Lori came home to find shit on the floor n TED goes like “Or or there’s a floor on the shit”, the part when TED was thanking GOD for the miserable fathers, the part when TED wanted to go visit the weed man. The store manager who was always promoting TED, and lets not forget the Thunder song. Just to mention a few. Awesome movie.

  3. Hey.. you guys are doing a good job though, first time am reading one of ur ish. *thumbs up. @ M.Y Popcorn and hotdog really!!!!!