Get Hard And The Other New Movies To Watch Out For In Cinemas This Week


genesis deluxe cinemasWe know it’s Election Day, so not much of cinema going is happening today. Good news however is that as from tomorrow, we can resume at our favourite cinemas to catch the latest in the movie world.

This post is dedicated to bringing you up to speed with the latest movies in Nigerian cinemas and –in a manner of speaking- help you decide which movie you should see.

By the way, if you haven’t seen Furious 7, you should totally go and see it. It is all shades of awesome (especially if you are not a student of physics).

Now, to the movies new to our cinemas this week:


beneficence posterThis movie premiered on the 2nd of April, but for all intent and purposes, it is a new movie, seeing as it’s spent only one week in the cinemas.

Beneficence is about the things men and women do for love or money. It is the story of a young man’s romantic choices, the benefits he gains and the price he pays for them.

The Ladi Akinyosoye, directed film is a tale of lust, lies and betrayal; about living in a world where the material matters more than the spiritual.

The movie which was co-written by Labake Akinyosoye & Ladi Akinyosoye, features Gabriel Afolayan, Dele Odule and Tomi Odunsi. Others are Shafy Bello, Sola Onayiga, Tubosun Aiyedehin, Kelechi Udegbe, Tope Alofe and Kalu Ikeagwu.

Watch the trailer below.


Outcast Movie PosterOutcast is an American-Chinese-Canadian action film starring Nicholas Cage, Hayden Christensen and Liu Yifei. Set in medieval China, the movie is the story of the heir to the imperial throne, who becomes the target of assassination by his despised older brother. He seeks the aid of a war-weary Crusader, Jacob (Hayden Christensen), who must overcome his own personal demons and rally the assistance of the legendary Crusader-turned-bandit, Gallain (Nicolas Cage), to return the prince to his rightful place on the throne.

The movie is directed by Nick Powell and written by James Dormer.

I think Nicholas Cage alone should be enough reason to see the movie.

Watch the trailer below.

Get Hard

Get HardWhen you combine the legendary Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, you can expect nothing less than pure, rib cracking comedy. This movie is exactly what is needed to relax after a long week of work and i am sure you enjoy your money’s worth.

Get Hard is the story of prison-bound hedge fund manager (Will Ferrell) who asks his black driver (Kevin Hart) — who has never been to jail — to prepare him for life behind bars.

Watch the hilarious trailer below.

So there you have it. Any (or all) of these three movies will make a great watch if you plan on going to the cinemas within the next week. Next week, we’ll bring you another round of our weekly new to cinemas post. As they used to say in Nollywood trailers, watch oooooooooouuut.

Remember, Nigeria is ours and we are solely responsible for what happens to our country. So if you have your PVC, please go out and choose our next set of leaders (if you are not already at your polling unit).

Stay safe and please avoid any kind of violence.