Gal Gadot Talks Wonder Woman And Serving In The Isreali Military In New Interview


Wonder Woman

It’s no longer news that Isreali actress, Gal Gadot will be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman movies. The question is whether or not she is capable of filling the immense shoes of wonder woman.

In this interview with Yahoo! Beauty, the actress talks about her time in the Isreali Defence Forces and her 2004 Miss Israel triumph.



You were in the Miss Universe pageant and in the military with the IDF — those are two amazing extremes. How have you done both?
I don’t know because that’s my reality. I don’t know who I would have been if I didn’t go through those experiences.

Are their things you learned in the military that you used at the pageant or vice versa?
Being feminine and keeping all the feminine elements. It’s not about necessarily what you wear, because we had to wear our uniforms [in the military].  It’s about your attitude and it’s about who you are.

Have you always been very athletic? How do you stay in kickass shape for your movie roles?
I was a dancer for 12 years. I did tennis, basketball, volleyball, and dodge ball. I work out a lot and I try to eat healthy.

It sounds like you’re pretty fearless. Is it true that you collect motorcycles and did your own stunts for “Fast & Furious.”
Yes, I’m very strong and very sporty. I broke eight fingers — all of them except the thumbs! I do not collect motorcycles, despite what’s online.

There aren’t nearly as many female superheroes for girls to look up to. What was it like to take on an iconic and empowering role like Wonder Woman?
A lot of responsibility, but I feel like it’s a huge opportunity at the same time. So I’m happy. I’m going to do my best in order to live up to Wonder Woman.

How did you feel putting on the costume?
Wonder Woman is a huge symbol of all the greatness of a woman. I’m very flattered and humbled. It’s amazing.

What are your beauty foods that keep you looking and feeling great?
Everything from beetroot to tomatoes to eggplant to cucumber to red bell pepper. I don’t ban myself from eating anything, because I feel like once you’ve banned yourself from eating chocolate or ice cream or a burger, then the more you think of it. And, the more you get obsessed with it and want to eat it.  I like a balance of all things.

What gives you an instant confidence boost when you need one?
I just try to be happy and positive about the world, and that’s it.  And then it’s from within.

What do you always keep with you when traveling?
A makeup artist that I’ve worked with in the past told me that if your palms are drying, you should use ylang ylang oil, just a few drops. So I do that when I travel.

What are your summer beauty must-haves?
A summertime hat, sunglasses, Shiseido sunscreen, Jo Malone candles, and definitely comfy and cool sandals for a day at the beach.


Check out the video below and get to know more about Gal Gaddot. By the way, she talks who her favourite between Bataman and Superman is.

Read the full interview here.