From Nolly Silver Screen Magazine: Interview With Seun Kentebe

Seun Kentebe
Image courtesy Nolly Silver Screen

Seun Kentebe is a Nollywood actor, writer and CEO of Esskent Productions. I first took an interest in him when I saw him in Africa Magic’s Jonzing, which I thought was quite good. The Business Administration graduate speaks to Oluwayomi Olushola of Nolly Silver Screen about his humble beginnings, crossing over to the big screen and dealing with fans.

Do you wish that you studied Theatre Arts in university?

Yes, I wish I did. I’m sure it would’ve been a whole lot more exciting than Business Administration. I definitely wouldn’t have gotten two extras!

You started off on stage, how easy was it to transition to the camera?

The transition to camera wasn’t an easy one at all! There was that period of not being called for small and big screen jobs because I was highly theatre-inclined. But, as a thespian, you are trained to become versatile and so I built on that foundation; watching movies and being fortunate to have a few colleagues who had transitioned successfully show me the ropes helped a great deal.

Tell us about your first day on set?

My first screen gig was the sitcom Twilight Zone and my character was called Ugo. It was a serious walk on a tightrope and I was highly self conscious. My first scene was about ten takes! Eventually, I was able to adjust, as KP, Biola Aloba and the rest of the crew understood and were extremely helpful.

You write and act: which do you prefer?

That’s a tough one; they’re both escape routes for me.

Acting helps me take time off from being me and becoming a new entity for the duration of the project while writing grants me godlike powers, in the sense that I get to create characters. I’m on the fence on this one!

What are your hopes for 2015?

My hopes for 2015…more small and big screen jobs; locally and internationally, kickstarting my outfit, Esskent Productions and churning out more scripts and box content.

Tell us about your character in Paranoia?

I play Thomson, an unacomplished 33 year old who believes life has been unfair to him and has given in to his inner demon, believing he is entitled to something that is obviously not his. And as he embarks on his quest to claim his “entitlement”, he finds that he’s gotten more than he bargained for.

How was it acting alongside Judith Audu?

Judith is my sister from another mother. This is the second time I’m working with her, the first being a movie called Out of Fire. She is a superb actress, highly intelligent, down to earth and fun to work with.

What can viewers expect?

Viewers should expect a mindblowing viewing experience; everything from the story to the cinematography to the interpretation of our characters and a unique directorial approach. It’s going to be a nail-biting-edge-of-your-seat


Seun KentebeHow do you get into character?

After doing a proper script analysis and character breakdown, it’s easy to understand what is expected of my character and I let my imagination run its course.

Any tips for memorising your lines?

I memorise lines by reading them at least twice, at most three times after which I begin to see the words in my mind’s eye. When that happens, the lines have stuck. I then work on delivery.

What is the strangest thing a fan has said to you?

Hmm! It was more of did than said. She walked up to me at a gathering, telling me how big a fan she was and stood so close to me, it was like she wanted to walk into me! I stepped back and she stepped forward. I told her that I needed to use the gents and ran for dear life!

What is your favourite line from a movie?

“I don’t believe in vampires but I believe in my own eyes and what I saw with my own eyes…are vampires.” It was by George Clooney’s character, Seth in the movie From Dusk till Dawn.

In three words, you are?

Spontaneous, amiable, bankable.

What will you change about yourself if you could?

I would be a lot taller. Six feet to be exact.


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