#Fridayfeature: 7 Reasons Lupita Nyong'o's Brother is Awesome


It’s unlikely that anyone had a better award season than 12 Years a Slave star, Lupita Nyong’o, but if we had to come up with someone, it would be her younger brother, Peter Jr.

We were first introduced to Peter when Lupita brought him as her date to the Palm Springs Film Festival back in January. Since then, Peter has supported his famous family member at multiple award season events and was by her side on the night, she took home the Oscar for best supporting actress.

One only needs to look to Peter Jr.’s Instagram page to see that he’s having just as exciting a year as his sister; he’s gotten to go to some pretty sweet industry events, where he’s mixed and mingled with A-listers like Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper and Samuel L. Jackson . Just like anyone in his position would do, he’s been documenting his brushes with Hollywood heavyweights through social media. You’re doing strong work, Peter Nyong’o Jr — and we salute you.

So here are 7 reasons Lupita’s little brother is awesome:

1. He quoted Pulp Fiction with Samuel L. Jackson:



I can’t deal abeg. *Faints*

2. He’s single (allegedly):



So Lupita has declared her brother single and unavailable. Evidently, Lupita doesn’t want her brother having any girlfriend’s right about now. But the bible says faith will move mountains so you can always halla at a brother on Instagram.

 3.  He’s a Selfie-Taking Master:



Sure, he got into the most famous selfie of all time, but when it comes to turning the camera back on himself, Peter’s a pro. He managed to take multiple selfies with the stars at the Oscars—including snaps with Brad Pitt and Angie, Kevin Spacey, Benedict Cumberbatch, John Travolta, Piers Morgan and Gabrielle Union.

 4.  He’s a College Student:



When Peter’s not hitting up major events like the Academy Awards, he’s making his way to class! According to the Orlando Sentinel, Peter is a freshman at Stetson University in DeLand, Fla., and has yet to declare a major.

5.  He Might Have the Acting Bug, Too:



Lupita was the first to admit her brother “upstaged” her in that Oscars selfie, but does he want to follow in her footsteps career-wise? “I think so,” she told Ellen on (well) the Ellen show. “He’s quite the performer!”

6.  He’s Got Lots of Famous Fans:


Ellen called Peter “quite a good-looking guy,” and Lena Dunham even tweeted, “Who else thinks Lupita’s brother should have his own show?” And according to Peter’s Instagram, Ms. Jolie is a fan, too! He shared his “Pretty cool Brangie selfie” from the Oscars, adding, “She insisted on taking it.” And Oprah had him over for a tea party. So his friends were prolly like “hey Paul, what you doing?” and he was like “oh, nothing, just hanging with the queen of daytime TV”

7.   He’s Definitely a Great Dancer:


Scratch that. Paul’s dance moves are magnificent. When Peter learned Lupita was nominated for an Oscar back in January, he could barely contain his excitement! So, naturally, he posted an Instagram video of himself dancing to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy,” writing, “LOVE LOVE LOVE MY SISTER! #HAPPY CLAP ALONG IF YOU FEEL LIKE HAPINESS IS THE TRUTH!! @lupitanyongo GOING TO THE OSCARS”