[Friday Feature] Why Leonardo Dicaprio Deserves To Win The Best Actor Award At The Oscars.


Earlier this week, we released a post about why Leo DiCaprio doesn’t deserve to win an Oscar for his performance as Jordan Belfort and it was a well beloved post and some people felt we were unfair to the star, but what y’all didnt know was the fact that somewhere deep down, we still love him and here we are to prove that by giving you the reason why he deserves to win, in a lovely piece by Chiemeka. We hope you enjoy this.

The Academy awards are upon us again. All the glitz and glam of Hollywood and cinema packed into a so and so hour long spectacle. Every movie buff anticipates the Oscars like its Christmas and to be the honest, the Oscars are better than Christmas. For some this is their first Academy Award ceremony. For others, not so much.

Someone who isn’t new to the Oscars is Leonardo DiCaprio who’s been nominated 3 times before his current nominations for his work as a producer and for a truly amazing performance as the greed propelled, money hungry drug addict Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorcese’s ‘The Wolf of Wallstreet’

Actors like DiCaprio are a dime a dozen. He successfully made the transition from TV tween sensation to 90’s libido titillating heart throb to major awards contender and for that, I gave him one and a half thumbs up.

Why a thumb and a half you ask? Well, the reason I ever so stingily kept half of my thumb because, it seemed to me that once Leo realized he was constantly getting a lot of awards buzz, he decided within himself to make it his mission to win the holy grail of acting awards. An Oscar.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be determined or goal driven. All I’m saying is when all your choice roles are extremely obvious Oscar bait, it shows everyone that you’re trying too hard and basically, it makes you out to be…well…a dick.

And a dick Leo was. Taking on every overly serious role he could get his frozen hands on. I mean, just look at: the Man in the Iron Mask, The Departed, Inception, J. Edgar and the list goes on.

I’m not saying his performances were below par. He acted his balls off in all of those films. What I’m saying is, he repeatedly went fishing for an Oscar with very conspicuous bait and the Academy didn’t fall for it. He made like a dick and went into the award season TOO DAMN HARD! That’s the exact kind of behavior that makes the Academy turn a blind eye to your work as an actor.

Back to the matter. The Wolf of Wall Street. A film written by Terence Winter, directed by Martin Scorcese and brought to life by Leonardo DiCaprio. In case you live under a rock and haven’t seen the movie, Leo plays a decadent millionaire drug addict. Not the bad, depressing kind of addict. The good, fun kind

He gives the performance of his life in this movie and for the first time, he let it all hang loose. He let go. He didn’t act too serious. How could he? He was too busy getting all hopped up on Quaaludes.

Leonardo DiCaprio gives a performance that isn’t very ‘Leonardo DiCaprio-esque’, something like what he gave us a glimpse of in Django Unchained. A performance that no one sees coming but is compelling none the less. He carries the audience on a roller coaster ride of obscenity and opulence as a character that is so excessive and outlandish that you don’t believe the movie is based on true events.

Jordan Belfort is an overly ambitious young New York stock broker who engages in securities fraud and a whole lot of corrupt practices on Wall Street through his firm, Stratton Oakmont.

In playing the role of Jordan Belfort, Leo connects you to the character in a way that you don’t expect. You feel compassion for this crook and you want him to succeed. He grabs the bull by the balls while he takes a piss in the wind. It seems a daunting task but he does it so effortlessly, it’s just a joy to behold.

Then at the point where Jordan is losing everything he has attained, you feel for him. You know he’s a criminal and you know He duped a lot of people out of their hard earned money, but you find yourself screaming “FUCKING BENIHANA!!!”

It’s sort of ironic Leonardo DiCaprio’s most Oscar worthy performance (IMO) is coming from a comedic role and not an overly serious look-at-me-I-lack-the-ability-to -smile-or-be-happy role, but there you have it.

So Leo, for what you did to the role of Jordan Belfort, now I can give you two thumbs up. You deserve to win the Oscar this year…even though it’ll probably go to Matthew McConaughey for playing some skinny dude with AIDS.

Chiemeka Osuagwu