[Friday Feature] Top 10 Action Movie Characters Of 2013. #SodasAndPopcornYearInReview


M.Y: Hello folks. Welcome to today’s episode of The Friday Feature with my humble self and Tobi.

Tobi: So we got something different from what I have been doing previously on the Friday Feature.

M.Y: Today, we are counting down the top 10 action movie characters of 2013. We thank our friends and fans who made suggestions for this list. You are all highly appreciated. So we kick off with Tobi’s top 5. Hop you enjoy. See ya down below folks.

Tobi: So in no particular order,here is our top 10 selections of the best action movie characters of the year. Hope you enjoy.

Tobi’s Top 5.

Mike Banning – Olympus Has Fallen. Played by Gerard Butler


Kang: I underestimated you. It will not happen again. 

Mike Banning: There is no again. You’re gonna die down there. Alone. Cut off from the rest of the world. My advice: save the last bullet for yourself. Because if you don’t, I’m gonna stick my knife through your brain. But don’t worry. I’m going to leak the photos of your body to the press. You know, because I know you like that kind of shit

I’ve always thought it would be difficult for Gerard Butler to beat his performance as Leonidas in “300”. The ease with which he played the Spartan King was a thing of beauty.

As Mike Banning, Butler was able to deliver one of the most memorable action performances since “Die Hard”. From how he shoots his way from behind the gun-toting Korean soldiers to gain entry to the White House, to how he sells the punches, the stealth, the one-liners and the patriotism, he reminded me of the good old days of Arnold Schwarzenegger as “Commando”.

One of my favourite scenes was the torture scene where he had two of the attacking Koreans. It reminded me of Jack Bauer and his interrogation techniques in the TV series “24”.

Thor- Thor The Dark World. Played by Chris Hemsworth


It’s going to be hard for a hammer-wielding God not to make a list like this. With his performances in the first “Thor” and “The Avengers”, very little could go wrong for the Viking god.

While the movie itself might not be the best thing to come out of Marvel studios in a while, the character “Thor”, did not cease to catch my attention.

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t like a hammer wielding god, who can also fly? Also, his ability to conjure the Mjolnir (his hammer) from anywhere is quite fascinating.

I hear some of you saying, “What about Loki?” Well, while I would agree Loki is one of the greatest Marvel villains, we didn’t exactly see much of him in the second installment. Also, he is more of a comic character than an action one. It’s like saying the joker (probably the greatest villain ever), should be in a list like this. Both of them (Loki and the Joker) would fit more into a list of the greatest villains ever to grace the big screen.

Sheriff Ray Owens- The Last Stand. Played by Arnold Smashthatnigga.


Before I move to the character proper, I want to put this out there. “The last stand” was the most underrated action movie of the year.

Moving on, the last time we saw Arnold Smashthatnigga., play the lead role in any movie was in 2003 in Terminator 3. After that, he went on to be the Governor of California for eight years.

For fans of the Austrian-born bodybuilder, it was a major relief to get to see the big man on screen again.

As Sheriff Ray Owens, Arnold brought back the memories of the good old days. Yes, he was never the best actor, but we all loved him for his ability to play action roles, and deliver those memorable lines. Only Arnold could make a movie full of plot holes and very little in the way of story make a good watch.

I love it when old people can hold their own in a fight. Sheriff Ray Owens at 70 is the oldest on this list and he still has the ability to use a gun like he was 30-40 years younger. His fighting skills are something to behold (at least for someone his age). His driving skills haven’t taken much of a bashing, and all these added to his experience, makes him one hell of an action character.

Iron Man- Iron Man 3. Played by R.D.J


What’s better than a high-tech superhero who rockets through the atmosphere and shoots missiles from his hands? One who’s also a billionaire, bad-boy genius who excels at cheeky banter? This lady-killer played by Robert Downey, Jr. never fails to light up the screen. I think the most brilliant thing about Iron man is his way with words. He has the right reply to every situation possible.

He’s still reckless, putting himself and everyone around him in danger, but he more than makes up for it with his ability to always save the day, even if it means sacrificing himself.

Hit Girl- Kick Ass 2. Played by Chloë Moretz


Certainly the youngest butt-kicker to grace this list, Mindy Macready, a.k.a. Hit-Girl, was born into the business, so to speak. Her poppa, Big Daddy was teaching her to dispatch bad guys since she was in diapers, so by the time she gets to age 11 she’s basically an unstoppable killing machine. Chloë Moretz totally owns this part. The fact that she no longer has her father to guide her makes her even more kick ass. Now, she’s a girl going through puberty, with all sorts of hormones shooting through her. Add this to her very impressive fighting skills and lack of guidance and what you get is “Hit Girl”.

M.Y’s Top 5.

John Harrision (Kahn)- Star Trek Into Darkness. Played by Benedict Cumberbatch

Star Trek Into Darkness John Harrison Khan

The world waited for the sequel to the very successful and critically acclaimed Star trek reboot from 2009. Not just because its one of our favorite space adventure films, but also because it was to feature a certain man called Benedict Cumberbatch probably best known for having one of the best voices in the movie industry today and a great display of charisma. And gladly when he finally hit the screen, he certainly didn’t disappoint. Not only because he totally owned the limelight with everyone raining praises about his performance but more importantly because he played his villainous character to perfection. So that said, why is he on this list you may ask(that’s if you don’t know already). If only for one scene, on the planet Kronos where he took out a good number of extremely dangerous Klingons all by himself, then he deserves to be on this list. He was a worthy villain who was fighting for a true course. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should. Its totally worth your time.

Gipsy Danger: Pacific Rim

This list wouldn’t be complete without what a friend described as “the legendary Jaeger that is  not only 1980 tons of metal and 290 ft in height but more importantly, an embodiment of awesomeness” . The Gipsy Danger(with the help of two incredible pilots of course) took down more than 4 ruthless Kaijus, free fell from outer space (after taking a battle there of course) and landed without a screw falling out of place, most of all, it saved the world. All hail the Gipsy Danger!

Legolas and Tauriel- Hobbit The Desolation Of Smaug. Played by Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly

As opposed to the whole world, I didn’t like Hobbit 2, not the tinniest bit. Wanna know why? stick around, we will be realeasing a post soon to explain.But then, there is one thing you cannot take away from the movie, it offers a lot more action than The Hobbit: Unexpected Journey and 70 percent of that action came from one scene and two characters. Legolas and Tauriel of the  Woodland Realm. As for Legolas I am not surprised at his abilities, that’s because we all saw a lot of him in the previous lord of the rings movies, but Tauriel, being one of the latest additions to The Hobbit franchise and putting up such athletic, thrilling, and amazing performance definitely puts her not only on the list of the best action characters, but also as one of the best female action characters I have ever seen. She would probably give Fox (Jolie’s character from Wanted) a run for her money. And that was about it for The Hobbit for me. Damn heart breaking movie.

Kruger- Elysium. Played by Sharlto Copley

Elysium Movie Kruger
Many times, we all know the hero in a movie is gonna be a bad ass even if the entire Chinese army is up against him. But what is more important in an action movie than the hero is a worthy villain which Sharlto Copley was. Sharlto is one of the best actors in the business at the moment and his performance in Elysium was nothing short of his awesomeness. I know many people will put Matt Damon over him but Sharlto was crazy, smart, insane, ruthless and at a certain point, stupidly ambitious. Does that sound familiar, well it should if you have seen the best action movies of the last 20 years. How do you have half your face blown away and survive if you aren’t an amazing character.

The Tank And Super Cars- Fast And Furious 6 Played By ‘Incredible Writers Who Hated Physics


Okay, so we got the last character on our countdown being a set of  cars and a tanker. Some of you are probably preparing to shut down the page right now, but hold on a minute let me explain.

The tanker in the hands of a world renowned Terrorist caused unimaginable havoc on a bridge not to talk of the countless lives it crushed and millions of dollars of damage it caused. As for the cars, in the hands of our famous heroes can be used to take out a tank, play another car as a ball, shoot through the nose of a plane like it is plywood, take down a plane which will hold at least 6 Volks Wagen Beatles on each of its wings and not break and most of all, get crushed and the driver still walks out barely with a scratch. Now tell me that’s not an action character we will all dream of owning.

So there you have it folks. Our top 10 Action Movie Characters of 2013 on this week’s Friday Feature. What do you feel about the list? Do let us know.  Stick around people. We will bring more exciting reviews of the year your way as the weeks go bye. Thanks for reading. Please do drop your comments. Thanks.