[Friday Feature] Spike Jonze's Oscar Nominated 'Her'


Director: Spike Jonze

Screen writer: Spike Jonze

Starring:  Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, Rooney Mara,Olivia Wilde, and Scarlett Johansson (as Siri)

Reviewer: Afam Joe

Date: 2oth February 2014

Finally, a sci-fi movie WITHOUT the special effects, what a breath of fresh Air *sigh of relief*. Director/Screenwriter Spike Jonze has always had a way with delivering the “weirdest indie prone” scripts into the big screen (from “Being John Malkovich” to “Adaptation” ). Every time he puts paper to pen(or hands on a keyboard as the case may be in the 21st century),  he creates a fine piece of art.

Being able to keep the audience engaged with scenes that have more to do with dialogue than actual physical action is no easy task, especially in this modern age where the “Booms” and “Ka-booms” of violence and sex have being the major attraction for majority of today’s filmgoers. I’m not saying the majority will be moved by this film, but a good number of us will definitely appreciate the gorgeousness that oozes from it.

The movie starring Joaquin Phoenix (who we all know tops the list of Hollywood actors ready to push that boundary of comfort to give us that quirky super weird character), about the relationship between a man and his OS (ok, operating system….still don’t get it? Let me rephrase: about the relationship between a man and his COMPUTER…yes, his computer). But let’s not act like we are shocked by this “Man-Machine” relationship….after All Tony Stark spends half his time talking to JARVIS. What makes this movie different is it actually relates with each and every one of us who are fortunate to spend half a day clicking our mouse, typing on a keyboard, or worse scrolling through the touch screen of our smartphones.

It encompasses all that loneliness we all feel. How we isolate ourselves from what surrounds us and focus on what exists in that “tiny” world of computers…or the internet. Whether we are retweeting, sending friend requests, emailing, buying stuff online……or even surfing for cheap porn to fill that emptiness inside, sometimes the best comfort we feel is not relating to the likeness of people around us…..put the people we can’t reach miles away.

Summary: If Her was a piece of Architecture, I’ll definitely give it a 9/10 for creativity. It’s a Gorgeous beauty.

p.s: let’s not forget the soundtrack “”The Moon Song” Music by Karen O, Lyrics by Karen O and Spike Jonze. Lovely….chessy…but lovely.