Frederick Leonard Is A Time Traveler In The Trailer For Dejavuu


    C&C Screen Productions has released the trailer for it’s soon to be released film, Dejavuu, directed by Chris Eneaji (Murder at Prime Suites). You can find it embedded above.

    In the trailer, we see Frederick Leonard go back in time to try and change certain unpleasant events that occurred, including losing his job, the death of a preteen as well as the loss of his wife. That said, it in no way feels like a fantasy movie, but instead, it shows us the interconnectedness of our daily activities.

    Produced by Crey Ahanonu, Dejavuu tells the story of Mr. Emma Okah (Frederick Leonard), who is torn between saving his wife, Julia (Mary Remmy Njoku), his job, and a little boy. The movie chronicles his struggles with things already foreseen, and the obstacles he encounters as he tries to bring peace back to his home and himself.

    The film also stars TT Temple Ikeji, Linda Ejiofor, Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi, Keira Hewatch, Chris Biyibi, Tommy Oyewole, Mfon Ukpong Richard, and Monique Samuel.

    This is one movie I’ll love to watch when it drops, but true to Nollywood style, no release date has been provided yet.


    Source: Nollywood Mindspace