Filmhouse Cinema Brings Luxury And Comfort To Your Cinema Experience


Filmhouse cinema There are a few things more annoying than going to the cinemas, and having a baby cry around you, or a person (or group of people) talking loudly without regards for other cinema goers.

Filmhouse Cinema is making sure this is no longer an issue, with the introduction of their new luxury cinema, The Filmhouse Signature, Ikoyi.

The Filmhouse Signature is a 2-screen cinema with a 7.1 surround sound system and an amazing ambience, exquisite décor, professional VIP service, ultra-modern reclining seats to give customers “the luxurious service they deserve, with exquisite guest service, finger foods, cocktails and assorted wines.

The Filmhouse cinema Signature, is located at Unicorn place, Osborn foreshore estate, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Unfortunately, the cinema is for “Guest members only”, so you might need to make those calls and pull whatever strings you can to get in. Better still, you could just call 09024973017 or 09024973037 for more info.