Fantastic Four: Trailer and New Poster Released


fantastic-four movie posterSome days ago, Marvel gave us the first official look of “The Thing” in Fantastic Four. This week, they have given us the trailer to ruminate on until the movie is released.

I personally think the trailer offered a little too much. I mean, we’ve seen all four good guys and ‘Doom’ guy. What else is there to look forward to really? Maybe Silver Surfer is the big surprise.

The previous Fantastic Four in my opinion didn’t cut it, but hopefully, Marvel’s run of churning out fantastic movies will help make this one a success too. If this movie is going to have a problem, it will mostly likely be with the actors-a bunch of relatively unknowns- but hey, if Marvel has proved one thing, it is that they are good at making the unknown well known (Guardians of the Galaxy is a good example).

Enough of my opinions let me leave you to make yours.

The movie was Directed by Josh Tank and hits theaters on the 7th of August 2015.

Watch the trailer and make your own conclusions.