Empire: Watch How The 'Camelot Of Rap' Was Built In This 'Behind the scenes' series


Empire posterFOX’s new TV show, Empire, has become very popular, since it premiered in January. As a way of keeping fans of the show occupied till the series returns (most probably January 2015), they have created a sort of prequel that fans of the show can watch.

Titled, The Inside Track: The Rise of Empire, the miniseries takes fans to the very beginning of it all. It goes all the way back to the late 1970’s when Cookie and Lucious first fell in love, and it follows the Philadelphia family through the ups and downs of their rise to power.

If you watch the show, I’m sure you love this. Even if you haven’t seen it, but you plan on doing so, this series will help put things in perspective when you eventually get to doing so.

It is divided into four parts. Watch them below.