EbonyLife TV Announces Plans To Adapt Cinderella, David and Goliath, Others


    Mo Abudu, CEO, EbonyLife TVFollowing the success (or not) of their Desperate Housewives Africa series (based on the hugely popular ABC series, Desperate Housewives), EbonyLife TV has announced its plan to adapt to the African setting, several versions of epic and biblical stories, including, Romeo and Juliet, David and Goliath, Cinderella, The Prodigal Son and so on.

    According to Mo’ Abudu, CEO of EbonyLife TV, the network is determined to continue to bring the best in drama to its audience, which is what inspired the move.

    “It’s a space we have occupied and wish to own. The world loves drama and can’t resist the iconic ones. At EbonyLife TV, we are determined to continue to offer the world the best of drama, made in Nigeria, made in Africa, for a global audience,” she said.

    “The best ideas are the simple ones, so our plan is to take those stories and those characters that people are familiar with … those that have a legacy, give their stories an unusual but compelling twist; situate them in our modern African context; let them walk where we walk; let them live where we live; face the temptations and peculiar challenges that we face; fight the battles we fight and celebrate their triumphs the way we do. That’s what this is all about”, she added.

    If Mo’ Abudu’s words are to be translated literally, it means fans can expect something different from the Desperate Housewives Africa series currently airing on the Network. While these new stories will be based on whatever epic or biblical character, the story will be different and not an exact replication of the work being adapted. That DHA couldn’t do this is why many felt disappointed despite all the hype surrounding the show prior to its release.

    If EbonyLife TV can successfully pull these ideas off (much like what Ola Rotimi did with The Gods are not to blame), then they might truly cement their place as the drama capital of Nigerian TV.


    Source: Pulse.ng