Deadpool Smashes Box Office Records, Earns $150 Million In Opening Week


DeadpoolDeadpool has shattered all projections at the Box Office to record an opening weekend gross of $150million in the U.S, according to reports.

There were doubts about how well the movie would do, seeing as it is R-rated, and hence not suitable for a general audience. But it turns out that he movie’s R-rating might just have been what superhero audiences have been awaiting for a long time.

Produced on a modest (at least by Hollywood and Superhero movies’ standards), Deadpool smashed a few U.S Box Office records during its opening weekend, including biggest opening for an R-rated movie of all time, the biggest opening for the month of February, biggest debut for a first time feature director, and the biggest opening film ever in the history of Fox—an impressive feat for a film that the studio was reluctant to make in the first place.

The film has also raked in $125million at the international Box Office, including $20million in the U.K. and 12.4million in Russia. This number is very likely to go up, as the numbers for more markets are released.

Other big earners at the American weekend box office include Kung Fu Panda 3 ($19.7million), How to be Single ($18.8million), Zoolander 2 ($15.7million) and The Revenant ($6.9million).


Source: The Hollywood Reporter