Check Out Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of Judith Audu’s Just Not Married


Behind-the-scenes of Just Not MarriedNollywood actress, Judith Audu, has just completed location work on her first feature film titled Just not Married.

Directed by Uduak Obong Patrick,  Just Not Married tells the story of two brothers who choose opposite paths in life. Victor is a recent ex-con who is trying to piece his life together while Duke is a brilliant undergraduate determined to see his mum live. Duke enlists the help of his two friends in stealing cars by decorating the cars and pretending to be married.

Despite some unforeseen hiccups their operation was pretty successful until people got greedy and violent.

The film stars Stan Nze, Rotimi Salami, Ijeoma Agu, Obutu Roland, Gregory Ojefua, Judith Audu, Perpetua Adefemi, and Brutus Richard.

The producer says the film is a unique offering which would further show the depth of talents available in the country and the enormous potential of Nollywood. Whether or not that is true, we’ll find out when the movie hits cinemas. Post production work just started on the film, so no release date has been set yet.

Produced by Judith Audu and with Asurf Oluseyi as Assistant Director, “Not Just Married” is written by Lani Aisida. It is a Judith Audu Productions in association with Blacreek Pictures and Asurf Films effort.

Seeing the name Asurf Oluseyi reminded me of this really good short film he directed that i saw at Indieview Lagos last month. Titled A Day With Death, the film was well received by the audience and was arguably the best entry at the event, which makes me wonder why it’s not on YouTube or Vimeo yet. It’s the kind of work that can give his career a boost if made publicly available.

I assume he’s got some kind of plan, and i’m probably just jumping the gun. Whatever it is, I hope the rest of the world gets to see A Day With Death, and enjoy it like those at Indieview Lagos did.

You can check out the BTS photos for Just Not Married below.Behind-the-scenes of Just Not Married

Behind-the-scenes of Just Not Married

Behind-the-scenes of Just Not Married


Behind-the-scenes of Just Not Married