Catch Up On Episodes 3 and 4 Of Ndani TV’s One Chance


    ONE-CHANCE-POST-OPENERFor the past two weeks now, we haven’t posted any thing on One Chance, so this post is an attempt to catch up on the Ndani TV series.

    In episode 3, the bus runs out of fuel, but unfortunately, there’s fuel scarcity, so they must find a black market vendor to patronize. The episode ends on a high when the bus is stopped by Police officers for a routine search.

    In episode 4, ‘Pastor’ comes down to address the Police officers. Will he be able to convince them to let them go? Find out in the player below.

    In truth, the series is beginning to struggle explaining the camera. The whole essence of the fly on the wall technique gets defeated when an actor begins to direct the camera, especially since he’s not supposed to know about its existence in the first place. Apart from that, it still looks like a good watch, and at the very least, the creators get an ‘A’ for creativity.

    Watch episodes 3 and 4 below.