Bruce Wayne V.S Tony Stark


Zubby: Hey Terdoh, you know what the biggest argument in movie history is?

Terdoh: Errrr “was Leonardo Dicaprio awake at the end of Inception?” Right?

Zubby: Nope Bruv. It is the long standing rivalry about who is a better super hero between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne.


Terdoh: Really? I am sure you just thought of that right now. Anyways, it has to be Bruce Wayne.

Zubby: You must be joking right? No way Bruce is better than Stark. I guess we have got to debate this then.

Terdoh: Yeah! Where do I begin?  In the first place, The Batman movies took down their pants, and took a huge shit on the Iron man movies.

Zubby: So?

Terdoh: Just putting that out there. That doesn’t apply to anything, but anyone who’s a fan of mind games and who’s as fascinated with strange crazy people as I am will agree that the character of Batman (and the villains he has to deal with) are far better than those of Metal Man here.

Zubby: Excuse me! Hand The Ironman Joker for 5 minutes and see what becomes of him. Bruce has misplaced priorities over that guy as far as I am concerned. The world is better off with him being dead.

Terdoh: Sigh. My naive friend, you just don’t get the point behind his principles. An argument for another day.  That being said…





Zubby: Says who??

Terdoh: Well…technically he’s richer.

Terdoh: According to Forbes, Bruce Wayne has “more money than Lex Luthor and Tony Stark. At one point Bruce Wayne even buys the whole of Lexcorp. You think that’s easy?

Zubby: I admire you enthusiasm comrade, quoting all these virtual forbes ratings and shit but even a 2 year old kid knows Tony is richer, way richer than Bruce (That’s daddy’s money Bruce is spending btw).

Terdoh: Daddy’s money that he made sure he developed. Smart rich nigga. And let’s not forget Tony inherited a freaking fortune from pops.

Zubi: Tony built the Stark Empire from humble beginnings to become the biggest and most important US defence contractor.

Terdoh: Bruh, if you call that beginning humble, I’d like to humbly request to go start life over. Stark Snr. was a multi millionaire. And listen, Wayne Enterprises is involved in a much wider array of products all over the world. Stark makes high end shit and doesn’t just sell to anybody. Matter of fact, Stark uses most of the technology himself, the selfish prick.

Zubby: Come on. Give him some credit. The guy privatized world peace. You know what will happen if some of his technology gets in Iran, Russia or North Korea’s hands. Bill Gates and Carlos Slim couldn’t do it if they tried, it would be nice to see Mr. Bruce try that for a start.





Terdoh: Bruce Wayne is smarter. For so many reasons… The mere fact that very few people know that he’s batman is amazing. Tony, on the other hand, announced on live TV that he was Iron Man. Dumbo. What happens to the people you care about Tony? (Granted, that’s like one person) but still, what if we kidnap her (Pepper) and torture her till you give up all your shit man?

Zubby: Did you know that at age 15 Tony Stark was admitted to MIT and holds a double major in Physics and Engineering. Wonder if Bruce has any since he’s such a baby that needs to hear Alfred’s voice before he does anything.

Terdoh: Also, Superman calls him “the most dangerous man n the world”. The man’s the most resourceful detective on the planet. (Let’s forget the fact that RDJ plays the role of Sherlock Holmes) I don’t know how you want to compare a loud eccentric fast talker to a sleek, calculated chairman like Bruce.

Zubby: Superman never met Tony that’s why. And you’re talking about brains here, where was Bruce when Tony created an element ‘a freaking element’ *pardon my french* notice i didn’t say discover he CREATED. He also created Jarvis (That cool computer assistant that interacts with him real time)

Terdoh: LOL! I don’t even have a response to that.




Hand To Hand:

Terdoh: Need I say more? Bruce was trained in martial arts by Ra’s Al Ghul, so don’t even dull. And everyone knows Tony is nothing without his fancy suit. Woulda died in “The Avengers” if Jarvis didn’t deployed the suit on time when Loki threw him out the window. Bruce Wayne would have landed. With nunchucks ma nigga.

Zubby: firstly I’ll like to say this “Tony Stark is the new Chuck Norris” …

Terdoh: Don’t even start yo, Tony is COMPLETELY USELESS without his suit. COMPLETELY!

Zubby: Don’t interrupt me jor. Secondly.. There’s no way Tony would lose to an ugly and hideous fat/obese kid who hides behind a mask cuz his breathe smells like road kill. Just imagine Bane and Whiplash going toe-to-toe in combat, Bane won’t even last a round.

Terdoh: Bane would pour water on Whiplash and that would be the end of the fight. There’s really no need to debate this. Smarter villains mean smarter heroes, stronger villains mean stronger heroes. Bane can do 800 push ups. Ask Tom Hardy.


Terdoh: Uhm…yeah. I’ll give this one to Tony.

Zubby: You just had to admit it. Tony has finer, cooler and more sexy threads than Bruce.

Terdoh: BUT!

If Bruce knows he’s going up against Tony Stark (as Iron Man) he’ll prepare. And don’t think Bruce doesn’t have an Iron-Man-type suit somewhere in that Batcave of his. Batcave of pure awesomeness.

Zubby: Ever seen a cave that’s awesome before??? *silence*. Thought as much, cuz there’s none….

Terdoh: Come on dawg…

***M.Y Interrupts***

M.Y: Okay boys…cool down for a moment yo! I see where this is going. Both of you would soon get in costumes and…

Terdoh: Oh please M.Y! Not now with your horrible jokes.

M.Y: Oh…sorry. Well, dear readers, welcome to the V.S Series where we compare 2 movies or characters and take them head to head and you the readers decide who is better. Your suggestions for the V.S Series are also welcome. For the comic fans, we know you probably know a lot more about this characters discussed up here than we do, so just drop your comments please. Thanks and welcome.

Terdoh: Bruce Wayne for the win ma nigga.

Zubby: Don’t think this is over Terdoh.