British Council Launches Script Junction, A U.K. Nigeria Scriptwriting Program

c.j Obasi
C.J. Obasi, one of the Script Junction participants and director of critically acclaimed, Ojuju. Photo: Facebook

In an effort to help Nigerian scriptwriters develop their skills as well as foster cultural exchange between Nollywood and the U.K, the British Council has launched Script Junction, a U.K.-Nigeria screenwriting program.

Selecting six scriptwriters from each, the program will run from June to November 2015, with workshops at the Edinburgh Film Festival which holds from the 19th to 23 of June, as well as the Africa International Film Festival in November. The 12 participants will also present their works to an industry expert panel, which will appraise the works and give adequate feedbacks.

The 12 participants selected for the program are: Shola Amoo (U.K.), Maurice Caldera (U.K.), C.J. Obasi (Nigeria), Russell Davidson (U.K.), Nicolette Ndigwe (Nigeria), Sam Firth (U.K.), Matthew Jankes (U.K.), Pearl Osibu (Nigeria), Jennifer Majka (U.K.), Kenneth Gyang (Nigeria), Adiodun Kassim (Nigeria), and Lanre Quadri (Nigeria)

According to the organizers, “Script Junction aims to bring together, inspire and motivate a cohort of contemporary screenwriters to explore, develop and create screenplays through a range of workshops, talks and mentoring delivered by top industry professionals and visiting guest experts”.

Script Junction is part of the British Council’s U.K./Nigeria season of cultural collaboration, which takes place during 2015 and 2016, and which will feature more than 30 projects and 80 events across the creative sectors, delivered in three major Nigerian cities (Lagos, Abuja and Calabar).

I don’t know much about the politics surrounding these things, but on the surface, this looks like a great idea. Apart from training our Scriptwriters, it could also open up the British film market to Nigerian films, which would be very good for Nollywood.


Source: Variety