(Box Office Roundup) Jurassic World Keeps Number 1 Spot, Inside Out Proves Worthy Challenger, Dope Disappoints Again


    Ted 2 posterYes, the summer Box Office figures got off to a slow start, but it seems things have been looking up the past few weeks. For the third straight week, Jurassic World held down the top spot, earning $54 million, narrowly edging out Inside Out which earned $52 million. This weekend’s earnings brings Jurassic World’s total to more than $1 billion worldwide and half that in the U.S.

    Analysts have predicted that Pixar’s Inside Out will do very well in the long run, despite falling far behind Jurassic World when it opened last week, and it is doing just that. This week’s earnings brings the film’s total to $184.9 million in the U.S and this number is expected to grow in the coming weeks.

    The big addition of the weekend was Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2 which opened to a somewhat disappointing $33 million. Disappointing because the first Ted movie earned $55 million in its first week. But then again, if you consider that Ted 2 is up against the almighty Jurassic World and Inside Out, then the movie didn’t do too badly. The problem however is that Terminator: Genysis and Magic Mike XXL are opening next weekend, so it is not likely that Ted 2 will be doing a lot better than it has already done.

    In fourth place was Warner Bros. Max which earned a total of $12.2 million, while Spy and San Andreas occupied fifth and sixth positions with $7.8 and $5.2 million dollars respectively.

    Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope came in at 7th with $2.8 million, which brings its total to a disappointing $11.7 million. Like I said last week, if you consider how much it cost to make the film, then it was good business, but after generating so much buzz at the Sundance Festival earlier in the year, many people expected the movie to do a lot better than it is currently doing.

    Below is a full run-down of the weekend’s Box Office figures.

    1) Jurassic World         $54,200,000     Total: $500,100,000
    2) Inside Out          $52,128,000     Total:$184,945,000
    3) Ted 2          $33,000,000
    4) Max           $12,210,000
    5) Spy          $7,800,000     Total:     $88,351,000
    6) San Andreas          $5,275,000     Total: $141,871,000
    7) Dope          $2,862,000  Total:     $11,776,000
    8) Insidious Chapter 3          $2,025,000     Total: $49,816,000
    9) Mad Max: Fury Road         $1,735,000         Total: $147,078,000
    10) Avengers: Age of Ultron        $1,643,000     Total: $452,428,000
    11) Pitch Perfect 2          $1,400,000     Total:     $180,994,000
    12) Love & Mercy          $1,310,000     Total: $9,293,000