Before Tomorrow Comes: A Look at the 2014 Oscar Frontrunners.


It’s Oscar eve!

If you had one of those “didn’t-have-my-bath, forgot-to-brush-my-teeth, don’t-give-a-hoot-if-i-end-up-a-lonely-old-cat person” days then I think you deserve some Academy recognition!

So before tomorrow comes, before Hollywood (and the entire world really) stands still with muted breaths waiting to hear “and the winner is” we’re giving you one last look at the front runners for the academy award, one last chance to shape an opinion about who you want to walk home with the Oscar silhouette.

So whether you’re rooting for any one of these:

Or these:

We would love to have you all watch EVERY Oscar nominated movie this year because they truly are beauties but silver or gold we have not, so you’ll have to make do with trailers:

Check em out:

12 Years A Slave


·        American Hustle


·         Gravity


·         Wolf Of Wall Street


·         Her


·         Nebraska

·         Frozen


·         Dallas Buyers Club


·         Blue Jasmine


·         Captain Phillips


That’s how many videos your Wi-Fi can take before giving up on you, so we’ll do the sane thing and stop here.  We hope you have movies and people you’re rooting for to win the Academy Awards. It’s a lot more fun when you get personally involved in the biggest movie night of the year. We’ll be bringing you our predictions tomorrow people so stay tuned!