"Avengers Sequel is going to be awful"- Director Joss Whedon


“Avengers” fans had better prepare for gloom and possibly doom as Director Joss Whedon says the sequel is “going to be awful.”
Now before you start imagining Captain America and Iron man playing twin sister versions of themselves Whedon saying one of the most successful movies of all time is going to be “awful” suggests massive destruction and turmoil. In an interview with ‘Entertainment Tonight’, Whedon revealed that “Avengers 2” will begin filming in February 2014 from a script he wrote based on ideas he had before the first movie was done. “I didn’t think I was gonna do the second one, but I had an idea for it before I had figured out the first one,” he said. “You go into a movie not assuming that there’s going to be [another one]. I’ve seen plenty of movies that were the first part of the trilogy that never happened and it’s terrible … You don’t save anything for the trip back.”
But despite that, Whedon did have a germ of an idea. “I did sort of know, ‘Well if they were to come back, I know what’s going to happen … it’s going to be awful.’”
Whedon is renowned for making characters go through difficult journeys and killing people off (we’re still mad about Wash from “Serenity”).He previously told MTV, “All of these people have met, so you have that out of the way. Now you can spend your time just digging in — and by digging in, I mean with a scalpel, to cause pain.” And thanks to his role as a creative consultant on “Phase 2” of Marvel Studios’ film plans, he’s “gotten to look at everything and see behind the curtain on all the stuff and Kevin Feige has a really clear vision and runs through all these movies.”

Culled from moviefone.com