Article About Nollywood's Funniest Movie Mistakes. "Nollywood Unchained (Part Two)"


     Hey guys.
    So…remember we were telling you about some of the ‘major plot twists’  of the Nollywood industry last week? Well, we would like to bring you the rest.
    Please note, we didn’t write the scripts. Or the plots. We are simply pointing out the uhm…let’s call them, “little mistakes”.

    Mistake Seven- Someone flashes back to 1982 and behind him is a sign board “Vote for Goodluck”.

    Terdoh: Do not underestimate a man on a mission. That man has been planning his election since before some of you were born. He planted himself well in our lives. That 1982 sign board is an evidence

    Sirkastiq: The annoying thing about the flashback is not even the scenery or landmarks; they just understand that we can’t be smart enough to recognise time travel so they have to write it in stupid fonts “Ten years ago”

    Terdoh : Sirkastiq, I actually feel they are incredibly smart. They have been able to come up with two more techniques for showing flashbacks. They can zoom into your face, or change the scene to black and white. *Accomplished Grin*


    Oge Okoye’s best  movie and most original role yet.

    Mistake Eight- A 7 year old character is washing plates and he suddenly becomes an adult in his 20’s still washing the same plates and wearing the same trousers…Bull shits!!!

    Sirkastiq: Atink you think troziz is cheap. And if the character is Aki or pawpaw, then you can’t really be sure.

    Terdoh: (LMAO) Honestly, I haven’t seen this one, but I won’t be surprised if I do eventually.

    Mistake Nine- Omotola is depicted as a poor woman suffering in the village and has to do serious farm work to survive, only for you to see that her fingernails are fixed with long plastic nails and painted crimson red.

    Sirkastiq: They must have filmed this scene in HD tho. And come on, don’t you know Omotola has a show now? You think Kim K got to where she is by suc…um..ignore that. Bottomline, whether village scene or not, she has an image to protect. Let’s not point accusing coloured fingers biko


    She already explained why. Just let it go.

    Terdoh: Re: Point 1 dammit. You don’t want the good captain to get angry yo.. You really don’t.

    Mistake Ten- Tonto Dike acting a born again village girl, yet has tattoos on her body.

    Sirkastiq: When Tonto does any village girl role, I don’t think we should call it acting, it’s default nature.

    Terdoh: Ouch! Below the belt

    Sirkastiq: Eyys! Lemme finish. As for the tattoos and all, you know what the Holy book says;…Naaah forget it.

    Terdoh: Re: Point 9. I could go on forever. Tonto has no time to cover up her tattoos. Her manager might be watching.


    I bet it is better than the Django we all know

    Mistake Eleven- Zack Orji is RMD’s father, and Funso Adeolu is married to Rachael Oniga and Fathia Balogun is their daughter.

    Sirkastiq: I don’t even know who these people are so I’m good fam.

    Terdoh: We’re all Nigerians. And we ALL love each other. A family is bound by true love and love knows no age. Don’t bother thinking about it.

    Mistake Twelve- Someone dies with low cut and his spirit comes back wearing afro.

    Sirkastiq: Don’t forget white jalabia. Somewhere in some book of ancient history, It is written that Nigerian spirits love white jalabias. I’m not sure why but I digress…the afro, um…maybe you know, being unshaven for sometime

    Terdoh: It’s Nollywood. Hair grows when you die. You could also come back with an accent. Probably mixed with Texans in the afterlife. I wanna gonna…

    Mistake Thirteen-A woman suddenly decides to poison her husband, then she opens her food cabinet and brings out the substance. Is poison part of cooking ingredients?

    Sirkastiq: I don’t knorr o

    Terdoh: I don’t even know. 🙁 *sigh*


    Dedication people, Dedication.

    Terdoh: *** TO GOD BE THE GLORY ***