Apple Is Looking Into Enter The Original Content Market


apple logoNot wanting to miss out on the movie and TV show pie, Apple is said to be meeting with some of Hollywood’s top executives, with the intention of going into the movie and TV show business, to strengthen its Apple TV ambitions.

According to Variety, the company is looking into making ‘Netflix-style’ long form TV content, which would significantly affect the already very competitive online streaming market, which already has giants like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and the likes.

Right now iTunes only sells episodes separately, but given Apple Music’s monthly all-you-can-stream subscription fee structure, it’s certainly feasible that it could move to a Netflix-style subscription plan for this content, too.

The news comes as Apple is also reportedly seeking to create an over-the-top streaming television service, which would bundle several cable channels and be available through the Apple TV device. Apple has apparently been negotiating with various media companies for quite some time, but a streaming video service could arrive as soon as next year for a starting price of $40 a month.

Whether or not Apple’s delve into the original content market is going to be as successful- as most of its other ventures- remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, given the company’s track record of successful business ventures, it won’t be the least surprising if they are able to pull it off.