Angelina And Brad Pitt Are An Unhappy Couple In The First Trailer For By The Sea


By the seaUniversal has released the first trailer for Angelina Jolie Pitt’s new film, By the Sea, which stars the Jolie Pitt and her husband, Brad.

The film tells the story of an American couple (played by the Pitts), who deal with a crisis in their marriage while staying at a peaceful seaside resort in 1970s France. As they spend time with fellow travelers, including young newlyweds Lea (Laurent) and François (Poupaud), and village locals Michel (Arestrup) and Patrice (Bohringer), the couple begins to come to terms with unresolved issues in their own lives

“This is a story about a relationship derailed by loss, the tenacity of love, and the path to recovery and acceptance. It has been a privilege to explore these universal human experiences with such a generous and talented cast and crew,” Jolie Pitt said of the film.

Written, produced and directed by Jolie Pitt, By the Sea is the first time Brad and Angelina have starred alongside each other since 2005’s Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

The movie is due to hit cinemas on November 13.

Watch the trailer below.


Source: THR