Amber Rose To Feature in New Movie, Sister Code


Amber Rose stars in Sister CodeI’ve always wondered what exactly it is Amber Rose does that makes her so popular. Yeah, I know she’s a model, but how many Victoria’s Secret Angels do you know?

Either way, I think I can put my finger on something now, as she is set to star in a new movie titled Sister’s Code. The movie tells the story of three siblings who find themselves ‘fighting each other in a tale of love, lust, and tragedy.

The movie also stars Eva Marcille, and Drew Sidora.

Although they are quite a few racy scenes, the movie is classified as a Comedy drama and will be available in U.S cinemas from May 8.

In truth, the movie doesn’t look like something i want to watch.

Watch the trailer below.


  1. As a lover of the book, I’m already apprehensive and almost certain that the movie’s going to be CRAP..can’t wait to see it so I can add it to my list of great novels murdered by rushed and inept production..

  2. To be very honest…I’ve not read the book *covering my face* Been plan’ like ‘4eva’ to read it…still haven’t *shrugs* Anyway, from d tone of dis article I hope pple like us, who’ve not read it but heard abt hw good the book is, wudn’t be disappointed with the movie. Oh well, I drink along with una *clicks her glass with another*

  3. Ooops….!!! Apologies every one, I dnt fink am entitled to a glass let alone one filled wit a drink… But not too worry let d waiter (Lanre) please just be on hold… Cos soonest I’ll qualify for it. (Rushing to buy ma copy immediately)…>>>>>

  4. Chimamanda created a work of art in dat book. I haven’t had d tym 2 read it 4rm cover 2 cover bt wif d little I know abt it, its come close enough 2 ranks Up dere wif Chinua Achiebe and Prof Soyinka’s.
    Now, how can U pick actors that don’t fit the description in the book? then place C.O Ukeje, a 31 year old man to play a 13 year old, Do they have shrink rays or are dey trying 2 tell me dat in Nigeria, we can’t train any 13year old 2 play the role perfectly.
    Or in all fairness since dey using a full british based cast, can’t dey find a british born black kid 2 take the role.
    For me all the cast had 2 do was be born by Nigerian parents. Yes, dey’re good actors in dere ryt(I respect dat) bt dey cannot fully blend into the role like a born and breed Nigerian would.
    The ‘Half of a Yellow sun’ (movie), should be as spellbinding and jawdropping as ‘Things fall apart was in its day with Pete Edochie *dont know how many of U have seen it.
    My money is on dat it’ll nt come out the way those dat are fans of the book have imagined it to be.
    Pray they can pull it off 2 be even 50% close.

    *Raises Glass* Here’s 2 Terver 4 a profound Write-Up. *we drink*

  5. I’m keeping my mind open on this one n praying to God that the movie shouldn’t flop

    Cos I love that novel…..I pray the production n actors do justice to the roles…cos this book was perfect.

    Thou I pictured genevieve playing kainene
    Pls God I pray

  6. Oh!
    Gosh!!! *faints*
    This movie has already sucked! *no offence* but that’s the truth! I can’t stand fake accents at all! It’s like my “kryptonite” lord! Does Chimamanda know this? If she does, i hope she’s not giving “them” her blessing!
    The only thing that will save this film is if the actors themselves go through serious physical changes that will fit into the characters they are playing&if the producers decide to change the ages of some characters.

      • Hmmn… Na wa!
        Before a book gets turned into a movie, certain rights are bought. I just hope this gets good… I love all these actors, they shouldn’t be making me change my mind.

  7. Truth is fake accents are the worst when they are not carried out to perfection.. everybody knows that Anika Noni Rose is good at playing african (Check out No_1 Ladies’ Detective Agency where she played the role of the secretary)… but my doubts sincerely go to Thandie Newton.. its one thing to be an American born Olanna.. but to be Chimmanda’s Olanna…

    • Well, all I can say is people have criticized Directors for choosing certain actors to play some roles before and then the actors pull them off. Lets hope that’s the case this time. I also wonder why Chimamanda isn’t doing anything about this herself.

  8. they should have spent time casting for the role with an open audition. I am sure they would have found better actresses than Thandie Newton. Kaniene is my favorie character and they better not spoil hafter all her. I always pictured her as dark, tall and thin with a model type structure. aferall black models are not really beautiful eg alec wek and the victoria secrets model.

  9. Please please its an adaptation. Adaptation allows creative changes and I expect lots of it with an open mind. OC’s character might not be thirteen in the film, you never know. And Genevieve’s role might not be small. Even if it happens to be small, am sure it will give her a good publicity she deserves. And all the news about her being cut off are rumours. Ms Yewande the executive producer confirmed this long ago. Problem is nigerians don’t bother to research. Same thing that happened with Kim K’s alleged tweet.