All You Need To Know About Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition Phase Two


Hello All,

If you are reading this, then we have made it past phase one of the Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition 2014. Its been awesome so far and we will be publishing some fun facts about the competition. So, welcome to phase two which kicks off on 4th of November 2014.

Whats  Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition 2014 Phase Two?

This is the stage where the best designs from the Facebook page get moved to the official page on the Sodas & Popcorn website and then fans vote for their favorite designs.

Explained below are the processes involved in Phase Two.

Voting Stages for Spoof 2014

The top 10 designs from the votes on Facebook are determined by the votes your design gets from the public.

But then the Judges reserve the right to select 3 wildcard spoof (based on creativity, quality, humor, and originality, even thou they might not have the highest number of votes). This is because we will like to give awesome posts that weren’t voted for into the top 10 a chance to win the competition.

The selected designs will then progress to the next stage of voting that will take place on  the official page on the Sodas & Popcorn website

Second stage of voting starts 4th of November and ends on the 9th of November. Remember, at this stage, you are still “largely” responsible for  the publicity of your entries and making it into the top 5, so the more you  promote your designs, the better chance you stand of winning.

The top 5 entries with the highest votes are announced after voting process ends then Judges deliberate on the top 5 and select this year’s winner and champion.

Criteria For Choosing Winning Spoof Design

The judges will be voting based on three criterias that have 10 votes each.
A. Originality
B. Execution
C. Humour
TOTAL – 30 Votes
So the design with the highest votes out of 30 will win the competition. 

Who Are The Judges?

Samson Aligba

Chief Product Officer, CPO at Eventiso and Media Application Director/Creative developer at Brand Effectiveness

Chiemeka Tu-Chae Osuagwu

Cinephile, Screen writer and Editor at Sodas&Popcorn Entertainment

Leslie Williams (IS.LI)

Lead Creative Director at Nerdy Dreamy


So, there you have it. All you need to know about all that’s left of Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition 2014.

The Top Designs moving to phase two will be announced on Monday November 3rd 2014. So stick around!

We have but one thing left to say to you

Good Luck!


  1. The best musical I’ve seen since Sound of Music. No other pair couldve pulled off the roles as Crowe and Jackman did! Most impressing was Sacha Baron Cohen’s character (the housekeeper)<— apart from the dictator and his Ali G persona, this has been his best played role IMO. Seen it four times already! Movie deserves its plaudits + good to hear it was all recorded live (now I understand why I heard disjointed sounds!). Btw, Anne Hathaway's voice was angelic!! Nice review!

  2. Les Miserables…hmmmm….u guys have a way of making someone want to watch a movie…esp if it has been seriously ‘hyped’. Oh well, Les Miserables here I come!

  3. Truth is… I’m not really a fan o musicals. Other than “the sound of music” I’ve not really watched any other musical… Buh Les miserables certainly interests me. Although its jus cos I love the cast… Yon Can’t have russell crowe, bonham Carter, seyfried and hugh Jackman in one movie and not expect me to see it. Will break my rule of not watching “girly” movies this one time. 🙂

    • Nah! Trust me, dis one isn’t not all musicals r girly..sound of music certainly wasn’t hunny 🙂
      So yeah, break the rule! Sum rules are made to be broken, nd dis is one movie dt certainly makes the cut 😉

  4. Life transforming… That’s another name I would love to give to this Movie… Its amazing how one’s persons life & decision could affect others. The Priest could ignore Valjean after his poor decision to replay kindness with wickedness, but he didn’t instead he gave him one of the most important (though not fully spoken about) instrument in d movie, which was “Candle stand” which meant light…. That light could be liken to love… Every1 in this movie that came incontact with that lightlove was willing to give it away not withstanding the consequences…. Young men died protecting that light in their city, Valjean was willing to die protect and tranporting cosette’s lightlove… But too bad the Police officer saw the light but couldn’t share it & took he’s own life because if pride….. Wow…!!! There’s power in LightLove which everyone of us will have to share some day…

    • *Clapping*. I honestly didn’t even see it that way. I was sad when Javier took his life. That guy needed to loosen up a bit! Damn!

      • Awesome analysis efe *thumbs up*
        But too bad both of yall hv ‘ruined’ it fr dose dt hvnt seen it. U haff tld dem d whole story no ni! Lmao

      • Thanks Kiki… I mean dts d essence of this forum…to get those folks not just stay glue to their TV set… But get d true meaning of it & hw best it could improve thie lives… Nice job M.Y, Zubbi, kiki & co…. Love u all…

  5. Like i said last year, Les Miz is part of my top 10 all time movies. I know the lyrics to the entire movie!