A Heartbreaking Look At The Exact Moment Leonardo DiCaprio Didn’t Win An Oscar- Again


Isn’t it cool how you and I have as many Oscars as Leo…again. Yeah, well I’m not here to rub it in. (well maybe a little). What  we want to do is let all ya’ll see the EXACT moment DiCaprio finally realised that the night wasn’t his.

Ready? Here we go:

Leo sees his name up on the screen with the other nominees for the Academy Award for Best Actor. Leo 1

And he’s excited. He’s like, Hey, that’s me up there. Yeah. On the Big screen.    Leo 2

He thinks to himself, Heh, this is our year L.D. This is ouuurrrrr year baby! The internet is on my side

Leo 3

Then Jennifer Lawrence (bless her soul) announces that the Best Actor award is actually going to Matthew McConaughey, for his role in Dallas Buyer’s Club .

Leo 4


And then… it sinks in. And Leo is forced to give Matthew a hug.  And It’s awkward. It’s hard for him.

Leo 6

So he holds it a little too long…  “It was supposed to be mine.” I’ll Be Waiting By the Phone for Your Apology


Leo 8

And then he sucks it up, and puts on a brave face. Real Nigger!  Maybe next year, bud.

leo 9

Leo 10