50 Cent Wants To Play A Marvel Superhero


50 CentRapper, 50 Cent has revealed he would like to play a super hero one day. Speaking to Comicbook.com, the actor revealed he is willing to play any superhero, provided he is given the chance.

At 20th Century Fox’s CinemaCon panel, 50 was asked what superhero he would like to play if given the chance, and he replied, “I’d like to play any super hero! Can you talk to the people from Marvel for me?”

Comicbook.com promised to get Marvel boss Kevin Fiege on the phone, but 50 refused, saying, “Let’s get him on the phone right now!”

I personally don’t see 50 doing well as any superhero, but the rapper has been adding to his list of movies recently (including a role in Paul Feig’s upcoming comedy Spy), and maybe Marvel might just bring him on board for one of their movies. It could prove to be a very wise business decision.

What do you think? Will 50 Cent do well as a superhero, and which do you think suits him best? Let us know your thoughts.


Source: Comicbook.com